Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

CoreMed has been providing consulting services focusing on the development and regulatory affairs of pharmaceutical/bio-pharmaceutical products to meet our clients’ needs. In order to provide services satisfying our clients even better, we have established Information Security Policy to protect our information assets from threats such as accidents, disasters and crime, and to be trusted by our clients and society.

  1. Establishment of Information Security Management System
    CoreMed has established Information Security Management System to maintain and improve the security and implemented it into operation.
  2. Leadership of management and continuous improvement
    CoreMed’s management leads all employees to manage our client’s and our own information assets appropriately with complying the Information Security Policy.
  3. Compliance with regulation and requirements of contracts
    CoreMed’s employees comply with laws, regulation, codes and requirements of contract with our clients regarding the information assests which we use to provide our services.
  4. Employee’s engagement
    CoreMed’s employees make sure their engagements with obtaining knowledge and skills to maintain and improve Information Security.
  5. Meauseres to violations and incidents
    CoreMed has established organization to take actions against violations of laws, regulation, codes and requirements of contract with our clients regarding Information Security and incidents of Information Security, and make effort to minimize violations and incidents.

Masami Tamura
President and CEO
CoreMed Corporation

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